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Animal Collective has a knack for creating genre-defying, mind-bending sonic adventures that leave listeners craving more. If you find yourself wondering which artists share that special Animal Collective je ne sais quoi, we've got you covered. Here are seven artists that capture the essence of Animal Collective while adding their own distinctive twist.

1) Deerhunter

Indie-rock band Deerhunter, led by the enigmatic Bradford Cox, crafts music that flirts with the surreal. For a taste of Animal Collective's spirit, give "Helicopter" a listen. Its dreamy atmosphere and ethereal vocals will take you on a journey through clouds and constellations.

2) Gang Gang Dance

Hailing from New York City, this experimental collective skillfully weaves tribal rhythms, electronic beats, and ethereal vocals into a mesmerizing tapestry. "Glass Jar" delivers shifting soundscapes and hypnotic melodies reminiscent of a walk through a lush, otherworldly forest – a journey any Animal Collective fan would appreciate.

3) Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors, the brainchild of David Longstreth, is known for its intricate compositions and off-kilter harmonies. The track "Stillness is the Move" captures the spirit of adventure present in Animal Collective's works with its unconventional rhythms and soaring melodies.

4) Yeasayer

Brooklyn-based Yeasayer is an indie-rock band that embraces experimentation. Their track "Ambling Alp" showcases the group's ability to mix infectious melodies with a vibrant, psychedelic sound. It's a technicolor daydream that fans of Animal Collective's distinctive style can appreciate.

5) Of Montreal

Led by Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal is an eclectic indie-pop band that constantly reinvents its sound. Their song "Gronlandic Edit" is a delightful fusion of catchy hooks and quirky lyrics, evoking the same sense of whimsy that characterizes Animal Collective.

6) Black Moth Super Rainbow

This enigmatic band creates music that melds lo-fi electronica and psychedelic pop. "Sun Lips" exemplifies this approach with its warbling synths and dreamy atmosphere. It's like sipping a strange, cosmic cocktail, perfect for those who appreciate the surreal side of Animal Collective.

7) crafts genre-defying music that strikes a balance between experimental and infectious. "Towel" showcases their innovative approach, with its waltz-like vocal hook and exuberant, musical-esque vocals. It's a jubilant, sonically immersive experience that any Animal Collective fan would revel in.
So, if you're looking to expand your musical horizons, these seven artists offer a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of Animal Collective. Don't be afraid to explore; you might just find your new favorite artist.

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