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Music like Beach House
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Beach House is known for creating dreamy, ethereal soundscapes that transport listeners to another realm. If you're seeking to discover artists who evoke a similar atmosphere, here are seven musicians you should explore.

1) Pink Mario

Pink Mario takes listeners on an auditory journey through lush, dreamy soundscapes. Their song "If I Ever Find You" perfectly encapsulates this mesmerizing experience.

2) Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex creates music with a sensual, moody ambiance that envelops listeners in a soothing haze. Their track "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby" is a perfect example of their signature sound.

3) Cocteau Twins

The Cocteau Twins, a Scottish trio, pioneered the dream pop genre with their ethereal melodies and otherworldly vocals. The track "Heaven or Las Vegas" showcases their unique sound and mesmerizing arrangements.

4) Alvvays

Alvvays, a Canadian indie-pop band, blends catchy melodies with lush, dreamy soundscapes. Their song "Archie, Marry Me" captures this delightful fusion, making it an ideal track for fans of dream pop.


DIIV, an American indie-rock band, creates music that is both dreamy and driving. Their track "Doused" is a great representation of their sound, with its energetic guitar work and ethereal vocals.

6) Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing, the project of musician Jack Tatum, combines melodic dream pop with elements of shoegaze. The track "Shadow" exemplifies this blend with its shimmering synths and enchanting melodies.

7) Slowdive

Slowdive is a shoegaze band known for creating immersive, atmospheric soundscapes. Their song "Alison" showcases their signature sound, with its lush instrumentation and dreamy vocals.
These seven artists offer a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of Beach House, providing an opportunity to delve further into the realm of dreamy soundscapes. Hopefully you find something that floats your boat.

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