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Die Antwoord, a South African alternative hip-hop group, is known for their unique blend of rap, electronica, and zef culture. With their captivating visuals and unforgettable sound, they've attracted a loyal following. If you're looking for artists who bring a similar energy and vibe, with a focus on humor and satire, especially from South Africa, check out these seven musicians.

1) Zooniverse

Zooniverse, a South African comedic hip-hop group, takes a humorous and satirical approach to their music. Their track "Car Guard Zol" is a hilarious story, told in deadly serious tones, poking fun at South African weed culture.

2) Jack Parow

Jack Parow, another South African rapper, is known for his humorous lyrics and unique style. His track "Cooler as Ekke" showcases his witty wordplay and tongue-in-cheek commentary on South African culture.

3) Yolandi Visser

Yolandi Visser, one-half of Die Antwoord, has a solo career that is just as intriguing as her work with the group. Her track "Brone" brings dark beats and Spanish rap to the table.

4) Peaches

Peaches, a Canadian electronic musician and performance artist, pushes boundaries with her provocative lyrics and in-your-face attitude. Her song "Fuck the Pain Away" exemplifies her fearless approach to music and self-expression.

5) The Lonely Island

OK, they aren’t South African but The Lonely Island, an American comedy trio, is renowned for their hilarious hip-hop parodies and satirical lyrics. This track needs no introduction.

6) Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic, a legendary American parody artist, has been making audiences laugh for decades with his humorous take on popular songs. His track "White & Nerdy" showcases his talent for clever wordplay and comedic timing.

7) MaxNormal.TV

MaxNormal.TV, a South African hip-hop project featuring Ninja and Yolandi Visser before they formed Die Antwoord, focused on satirical lyrics and multimedia performances. Their song "HipNWidIt" is a synth-driven energy bomb with all the absurd words you’d expect from this duo.
These seven artists offer a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of Die Antwoord, providing an opportunity to delve further into the realm of humorous and satirical hip-hop, especially from South Africa. Don't hesitate to explore their music; you may just find your next favorite artist.

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